Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Manaiakalani Film (come and see) Room 1

WALT: write a film review for one of the Manaiakalani Film Festival movies.


Room 1’s Manaiakalani film was about a delivery man, who needs to deliver Chromebooks to Pt England students. His phone dies on him and he was lost. He went to different places of Pt England. He found the School and delivered there new Chromebooks. The message behind the film was on how Pt England is a digital school. This film is suitable for 8 years and over because the cause the adolescent children watching this film is because some movements in this film may think to them that can do it too.

The lighting was consistent because in every place of the film it was shady and bit bright. The camera angles were high, low and straight. The cameras that were used in the film were Gopro and using the camera stick.

The dialogue was clear to hear. The music in the background was all about Pt England school and the digital learning objects. The song was for the the ambassadors. It explained that it’s the 21st century we are living, and we’re striving to succeed and about us choosing life and dreams. The film was about getting digital learning objects.
The different film sets were the beach, pools and room 1’s classroom. The sets that where in the film were filmed in different places of Pt England.

The story flows with the students actions and the actions flow to the music of film.
The shots that were taken, were not too short and not too long but it was just right. Each of the scenes were amazing, it had heaps of good qualities in the camera shots.

Room 1’s Manaiakalani was ⅘ it wasn't perfect but it was the best way to tell a story about Pt England School. Pt England School is a digital school and the student of Pt England always strive to succeed, no matter where they are.

Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Film Festival Review

What is the film about.?
 Room 1’s film is about a celebration on how Pt England is a digital school.

Room 1 students and the main character is Sateki (Delivery Man)

What is Happening in the film:
The film is about Pt England School, and what we do here. The film was about a delivery man who’s phone died, and so he was lost. He went to different places of Pt England, and when he found the school. He went into the classroom and gave the students there Chromebooks. The students were happy and the delivery man finally got his job done.
Room one were using Go pro and the camera stick. All the angles were different. There was a high angle, low angle and a full angle.

The music that was put into the movie was made by the teacher (Mr Wiseman).
The students of the Mr Wiseman were singing too, But the person who mostly sang it was Heather Schwenke. The song was made for the ambassadors.

The scene was awesome because they put in different locations like going to the pool, beach, and the park of Pt England School, because it was part of Pt England.

The editing was fascinating because when Sateki did a flip of the Swiss ball, you could tell that the teacher did a reverse.


Thursday, 24 November 2016

Fair Testing and Not Fair Testing

Here's a movie we made. Mostly for the year 4's, Hope you enjoy. Starring: Lotu, Amelia and Machelle.

Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Friday, 4 November 2016

Scientific Method

What type of fizzy drink tastes better?

  1. fanta
  2. Sparkling  raspberry
  3. Mountain dew
  4. any home brand drinks

  • drinks (brand)
  • 4 Cups
  • Marker
  • Contestants (2-4

Experiment procedure:
1. Pour a small amount of each fizzy drink into a cup
2. Number each cup 1-4 making sure you are aware which fizzy drink correspond to each number.
3. Get 3-4 contestants to try for you.
4. Your questions will be! Which of the brands did you like?


Mr wiseman: number 2 - Sparkle
Mahana: number 4 - Rasberry
Sateki: number 3 - Rasberry
Owen: number 2 - Sparkle
Wesley: number 2 - Sparkle
Flynlay : number 2 - Sparkle

Report: Our findings were very different to our contestants. Most liked SPARKLING raspberry than PAM raspberry. Share which one is your favourite.

Thursday, 3 November 2016

Show Not Tell

I learned that if you show without telling it would bring more imaginations to your audiences minds.

Science Investigation - Fair Testing

I learned that well you are doing a fair test you can only change one thing.

The first one room 4 did was  Growing in the dark: Plants and light.

Aim - what are you trying to find out?
If plants can grow without sunlight.
Hypothesis - what do you think your results will be?
I think the plant won’t grow in non sunlight.
Independent Variable - what variable will you change?
The seed of the plant.
Dependent Variable - what variable will you measure?
The water.
Controlled Variable - what variables will you keep the same?
The pot, bean seed and oil.

The second one was: What colour of bird feeders birds preferred.

Aim - what are you trying to find out?
What colour of bird feeders birds preferred.
Hypothesis - what do you think your results will be?
I think it would be a good fair test.
Independent Variable - what variable will you change?
The Colour
Dependent Variable - what variable will you measure?
The water
Controlled Variable - what variables will you keep the same?
The seeds

Halloween & Guy Fawkes Night

I learned that every celebration has a meaning.

Friday, 14 October 2016

The States Of Matter

This term team 5 are learning about "The states of matter". There are three states of matter, 1st is solid, 2nd is liquid and 3rd is gas. There are only 2 rules in this matter 1st rule is to be careful and 2nd rule is to never skip the power of matter. When I mean by never skip is that you can't go from solid to gas, or gas to solid. The only thing to get to those three states is to add HEAT. Here's a video to show what to do to get what. Water is always water, whether it’s in a mixture of things, you can’t change it’s behaviour. Also you can’t move from solid to gas, the steps of getting to gas is that you need to make solid into liquid then make Liquid into Gas and that's the way you could only get solid to gas.

Friday, 23 September 2016

Miss Lavakula

Image result for miss lavakula at pt englandMrs Lavakula was my first teacher I had at Pt England and she's been so amazing. 3 things I could describe Miss Lavakula is beautiful, funny and supportive. You have always been my side ever since I started, in year 3 2012 all the way to year 6. Now look at me i'm a year 7 because I was taught by the most friendly and best teacher ever. Miss Lavakula has been a big impact in my life she was the one who told me that i'm gonna be alright and that I was gonna make heaps of friends. To me I think Miss Lavakula will have a beautiful feature with her family. I give her all my love and faith when I'm out in collage, and I want her to one day look back at all her wonderful memory's. Love YOUR favourite students from 2012.

Facts about whanganui

I had my first long exhausting trip to whanganui with my sister, mum and dad, on the 17th of September. To be honest I learned a whole lot of facts well going to Whanganui. 1. Whanganui was one of the first cities to be founded in New Zealand. Whanganui, meaning "Big Bay" or "Big Harbour", comes from the great river that flows through it. 2. Whanganui is New Zealand's elders settlers town, it's just a couple of hours from Wellington, Mount Ruapehu and mount Tangriro, or a quick flight from Auckland. Here's a Short film my untie made well in Whanganui. I t was hard to do but got it down with. Please post about where you had your first trip and facts, thanks for reading.

Thursday, 22 September 2016

Term 3 Reflection

I learned that when you come to school you have to take learning serice, because if you don't when you enter collage it will be hard.

We’ve had ups and downs in term 3, but that doesn’t really stop me from doing things I love. This term I participated in Netball and going tech with the year 7’s, we all know that the year 7 jets didn’t come as undefeated but the point about playing was to try our best and to have fun.

One of the funniest moments this term for me was when we were in assembly and Mr Burt was talking to us about “is it kind, is it true, is it necessary” and when he got to “is it necessary” he was poking the middle fingers, and said that he calls it the “fault finger” but to be honest we thought it was for real.

My memories well being with friends is that we would always go on and off but my choices are is should I stay with friends that don’t like me for who I am, or should I be with friends that will send a better example for me.  

One of the unfunniest moments this term is i’ve been mocked many times by my look and the friends I hang with. What's the point of coming to school if your going to be miserable. I come to school and I use my WITS it’s normal but when it comes to middle of the day everything changes. Has that ever happened to you?

This term I have never been on rethink and throughout the 3 terms kura and I have been great leaders to young children. My speech for you is to start learning now because if you start at 14 - 16 it will be hard.

Monday, 5 September 2016


WALT: Identify Ratios

I learned that using ratio's is a faster way to get a solution.

Friday, 2 September 2016


                   Multiplying any number by a 1 digit number
            One thing I learnt this week about Algorithm was that there different ways to bring a solution to an               finished soultion so here in this presention you can see the I have not finished it for one purpose. Take            a look in the slide and see if you could find the link.

Friday, 26 August 2016

Hiwi the kiwi

Image result for hiwi the kiwiMark de Lacy aka (The Minstrel) and his wife Tanya de Lacy (Chrissy) came to Pt England school for a Hiwi the kiwi fishing project. On 25th of august Hiwi the kiwi came and performed the important of fishing like: Why wearing a life jackets is important, he taught us about the SOS, SOS stands for save our seagulls that's one important thing to save. One thing I want to do is yell this out: Family's out there that go fishing 5 important things that you need to take: 1 is a fishing ruler, 2 a wet towel to pick the fish up with and 3 take water mixed with salt. 3 things that your supposed to know about catching or fishing is that when you catch a fish you HAVE to hold it with a wet towel so that you don't hurt any of it's skin. When taking a fish ruler you have to measure the fish so that you don't take a really small one or even a huge one. if you take a bucket of water you have to put salt in it so that you don't kill the fish when you put it straight in. 1 thing I learnt from Hiwi the Kiwi is that when you go fishing you have to take every single fishing types. One thing about Mark is that he is a really good man that goes fishing and is smart to know what to take. His wife Tanya is a good cook and a good dancer. They are a happy and perfect married couple! Here are some videos for you to check out: CLICK HERE

Friday, 19 August 2016

Peter Burling Rio Olympics

Image result for about peter BurlingPeter Burling is a sailor for 2016's Rio Olympics. Peter was born on Tuesday 1st of January 1991, Peter then turned 21 and was the younger 49er sailor at the 2012 London Olympics, Tauranga is his hometown and he use to be in the Tauranga Yacht and powerboat club. Burling was the skipper of the winning boat in the 2013 Red Bull Youth Americas Cup. Peter started sailing in 2006 in the 420 world champions. He came 1st in 9 competitions and came 2nd others then went far from 1st and 2nd to 3rd in 3 competitions, he went really far from 1st, 2nd and 3rd to 11th in only 1 competition.

Image result for about peter Burling

Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Meeting some companies from Tamaki Collage.

Saia and Gabe are Tamaki collage students, they also went with Andrew Patterson and Jason Sharma. They were chosen to go to a lot of companies they went: Microsoft, Facebook, Instagram, Yelp, Apple, Twitter, Ideo, Xero, Alcatraz, Google, America, Stanford University. When they came back they told us about what there favourite places were and about the ALCATRAZ prison, they talked about the three prisoners the escaped from the Alcatraz prison, the prison was shut down in June 1962 the local FBI did not find any clue for where they were gone, they never found there body. If you want to watch the movie or video then this is the title: Escape From Alcatraz. 
Image result for saia and gabe tamaki collegeImage result for saia and gabe tamaki collegeImage result for andrew pattersonImage result for Jason Sharma