Wednesday, 28 October 2015

NZ Native Animals Report

WALT: NZ Native Animals 


Habitat:I am learning the teachings of fantails. Fantails like to live up high in the trees,in between trees.

Diet: Fantails love to eat moths,flies, spiders, wasps, and beetles, although they sometimes also eat fruit.    

Characteristic: How do they behave? Fantails are not shy and is almost never still, also It flits from perch to perch.  

Description:Fantails have greyish heads, white eyebrow, brown back and rump on breast and belly. They also have white and black bands across the upper breast, and a long black a white tail.

There is more information, For Example:

The second things that fantails do is they fly around to disturb insects, flushing them out before eating them. 

Chair Tiggy

WALT: Write a recount about what we played.

“Pick Me, Pick Me” said the taggers. The game we where playing was chair tiggy. It was tricky.

“There are two teams, runners and taggers”. The runner's job is to run around and through the chairs without getting tagged, the taggers job is to sit on a chair and if the other runner can’t catch them or is tired then the tagger slaps a chair then, he or she that is sitting on the chair tries to catch the runner.

“I was a runner, when we started”. I started off great but then I ran around the chairs then came back around and I ran again and I got caught by Aysha. I was a tagger after that. “I was scared that if a person come to tag my chair I will never notice who to catch or even where to go. When it came to my turn I was really nervous because I wouldn't know when to go.

My favourite part of the game was running because when you run you can feel the cold breeze running thru you and because you can think like it's fitness.

I felt really bored when the game was over and but really pumped when we started.


Thursday, 22 October 2015

Friday, 16 October 2015

Ice Skating Competition

What did you do for the holiday? Well I will tell you everything that happened in my holiday,In 6 paragraphs.

On the first week of the holiday I went to my ice skating competition for the second time with my whole family, “I was running for a club”. This time, the prize I had to compete for was a trip to Niue then to Tonga with my family. The competition was at the pacific ice skating club, that was the Tongan islanders. Our name for my group was: The Talavou. There was only 15 competitors. There were a lot of activities that involved skates.

One of the game’s that we played was really fun. You needed 5 balls and 5 holler hoops also you had to have 5 groups with 3 people in each groups. Then when you're ready you stand in a pentagon and 2 teams run in and try  to run in a holler hoop once the holler hoop are taken, the others that don’t make it they have to start again and the people who made it they go to the next round.Then it was time to start the competition we all got in a straight line then we were waiting for the leader to say “GO” then after 10 seconds she said “GO” then we raced to the end, it was 80 meters. The 1st, 2nd and 3rd were Brooke Tamepo, Kaho Hirafune and Christina Floka. So… I came forth.

When it was finished I felt great even though I didn’t come 1st, 2nd or 3rd, I just felt great.