Tuesday, 30 June 2015

A present from Pudding

WALT: Find the main ideas of the text.

Kylie wanted a kitten
Pudding brought her a duckling
Mum and dad did not bileve her ...SO...
Pudding brought seven ducklings home.

My Family

WALT: Use similes to write a poem about my family.


Wednesday, 17 June 2015


“HEY THERE”What is your experience about basketball?  Well my maths class goes to basketball. We have two coaches called coach Malik and coach Yaran. We also go on Thursdays. We have learned heaps of skill and words that has meanings to basketball.

When we started we went straight to learning. “SO” I learned that Beef is a meaning, For example B stands for Balance and E stands for Eyes also the other E stands for Elbow and F stands for focus and shoot. I learned more then just Beef. I learned that if you use two cones and use a bouncy basketball, you can practice shooting like when you run you bounce the ball then you take two steps and lift your right leg and right arm then you can shoot basketball style.

It was nearly the end of our lesson but before we left we played golden child that’s when you have two groups. One group runs and one group shoots. When the coach says “ Ready Steady Go” you run once around the court then you have to try make it all the way. But if one of the shooter get the ball in the hoop, then you have to stop where you are. When the golden child runs past you, you  run  after them, and when you make it at the end your team wins.

When our lesson was done I felt like my heart was on fire. When I sat down I felt really bored I don’t know why, but it was boring when our lesson finished. Next time I want to have a lot of fun. The coaches were really cool and they are the best coaches I had for Basketball.

Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Rugby with a Jandal

WALT: Use parts of the story to accurately answer questions.

My favourite part of the storie was hen Fiti was cheating because he pulled lio’s lava lava of and they started chasing him.

Monday, 15 June 2015

Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Winter is here

WALT: Write an effective paragraph about Auckland winter.


Do you know what it’s like in Auckland when it’s winter?  Winter in Auckland is freezing and sometimes it can be icy and wet. The grass is as soggy as rain, While it rains it can be stormy and there is lightning and thunder. Bitter cold can make lips go purple, your hands can get frozen cold and sometimes it can hurt. Winter makes me angry, because I slip a lot out on my porch. When our bare feet touch the ground it’s like ice skating on frozen ice but with out my skates.

Thursday, 4 June 2015

Blindfold Game

WALT: Recount our experience of the Blindfold Games.

Wow!!!Have you played a game called the blindfold game before? I will tell you all about the game in one paragraph, then in the next paragraph I will tell you how it went, then one paragraph saying after the game. One sentence telling how I felt.
SO... you have to have 24 safety pins and six bowls of rice and you add the pins inside the bowls of rice then when you're finished you make a large round circle and place the equipment in the middle and you call up 6 people to try. The point of the game is that you have to try get all the safety pins out.
This morning our literacy class played the game called Blindfold game. I was really excited and nervous at the same time. When we started there was 6 people that got picked for the game first it was Andrew,  Jonathan, Machelle, Tavake, Montel and Alex. They all tried to beat each other, But because Andrew got 15 points he won the game the same as Flynlay.
After the game we sat in ordinary groups and talked about the game so my thought was it was fun and challenging. It was  fun because we got blindfolded and it was challenging because we could not see and plus the safety pins were small.
In the start of the game I felt like I did not want a turn but when it was my turn I felt confident. Next time I want to feel more and more happy and to enjoy it.