Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Year 6 2015 Camp

Have you been at camp but in a island you don’t know? The year 6 campers were really excited to go camp because, the camp wasn’t at school, it was called Kawau Island. There were 4 teams which names were Katz, Mention, Kawau and Bentzon.

When everyone woke up, We went on a really slippery run through the trees and onto the killer hill it was a little dangerous. After our run, we sat for a beautiful breakfast. Then our first rotation we went, was Bivouacking, Bivouacking is when you go in the woods and you find some sticks or branches, when you’ve caught some wood then you have to try build a house of sticks. When you’ve done, you have to make sure that your whole group fit, if it does work then you sit in it and try not to get wet from the outside.

DAY 2. - Next Day
The next day, We did the same thing but not the run because it was to slippery. So when our teacher Mr Jacobson blew the Bugle we woke up and got changed then went downstairs to have another yummy breakfast, then we had to practise our performance for our Consent Night. So we practise and practise till it was time to sleep. So we had to have a good sleep. But some of us couldn’t go sleep because some were too excited. But then we fell asleep.

DAY 3. - Consent Night
The next day at night time we all go ready for consent night, The group that went first was Katz then Mention after that it was Bentzon and the group that was last was kawau. The competition was tough, But the Bentzon and the 2 groups that came 2nd was Katz and Mention and the 3rd was Kawau. That was so tough.

On the last day we had heaps of fun we got free time and we even started our last fun rotation, but the sad part was that we had to pack up to go back home which is back to school, So we had to grab all the bags and put them straight in the fairy. Then we all jumped on the fairy and went back to school. When we got to school there were heaps of parents waiting outside the bus for us as we walk out of the bus parents hugging and calling out it was dreaming.

When I got home I felt like not coming back but I really did miss my family so much to not leaving them again.  THAT WAS THE BEST CAMP EVER!