Friday, 24 February 2017

Saving water

WALT: support all my answers with evidence from the text. 
The more we save water, the more water that is less wasted.


  1. Hi Lotu

    Cool post about Helping others to save water. Water is very important other people may need it more than us like Africa. Awesome post lotu keep it up.

  2. Hello Akosita

    Thank you for visiting my blog and yes water is important to the environment.

  3. Ki ora Lotu, my name is Angelina from Saint Patrick's School and I'm your quad buddy. I like the information that you have shared with us about faucets.The facts you have written are really helpful because you have made me think of turning off the taps and the water that we are wasting can be used for the plants that are dying. What other ways can we save water?


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