Thursday, 30 April 2015

Anzac Day

My Weekend Highlight

 What was the best thing you did in the weekends?

I will tell you all about my weekend in 3 paragraphs. On monday me and my family went to a tongan thing called Faka Famili it means when you invite all your family members over to there your house to share things that are happening or coming up, also sharing love like : saying funny jokes, games and meeting other side of the families too. We went there to share our love with them and to encourage them because one of our family member had died in a house fire, to show them she is still with us and in our hearts forever.

When we got there we were sharing things that were coming up like going
to aussie. When we finished my aunt Mata gave all of the kids 3 packets of chicken wings and 12 pizzas the types were: Pepperoni with staff crust, beef and onion with barbecue sauce without onion and hawaiian which was the parents favorite. With a drink it was montan drew.

At the end of the faka famili things, I felt tired and like my head exploded because I ate too much. I hope next time we can do more things together as a family.

Friday, 24 April 2015

Holiday High Light

Here is my holiday high light. It will tell you what I did in the 2 weeks.


What was the fun and best thing you did or went to, in the school holidays?
Well, I will tell you all about what I did in the holidays in 4 paragraphs. Me and my aunt went to a really cool but spooky place called Spookers. We went on the first week of the holiday, why we went there, To hang out more. And we went by train.
(It was so noisy in there.)

When we entered the spookers, we saw blood on the wall and people hanging on the sides. We took two steps in then there was a scary laughter we got really scared even our hearts was beating fast, then outburst a man with his teeth really long and sharp and he was holding a chainsaw  saying come come come in and lets get our adventure started. We  went to start and the first thing we did was take a picture. When we got half way I started from there “SCREAMING”  because we were in the dungeon section were a man was locked inside a jail with dead and he was saying “ can you help me “ I said “ sure, he told me can you let me out so i did and then he put me inside the dungeon , then I screamed, After a while he let me out then I kicked him on the leg. After 10 seconds he put my aunt in one and I kicked him more then it was closing so they told us to come tomorrow because our time  hadn't ran out it was just closing. But we did not go back.

P3.  On the second week of the school holidays I was so excited because me and my mum went to go do our passport photo and to do our passport to go to aussie on July on my dad’s birthday. For my cousins sisters birthday and also I will be staying there for 2 weeks.
The best thing dow is that I am staying in New Zealand for 3 months before going to aussie.

I love school weekends because you can spend heaps of time with your family, and i’m hoping that me and my family can do this sometime. Next time I would love to go somewhere I haven't been.