Friday, 14 October 2016

The States Of Matter

This term team 5 are learning about "The states of matter". There are three states of matter, 1st is solid, 2nd is liquid and 3rd is gas. There are only 2 rules in this matter 1st rule is to be careful and 2nd rule is to never skip the power of matter. When I mean by never skip is that you can't go from solid to gas, or gas to solid. The only thing to get to those three states is to add HEAT. Here's a video to show what to do to get what. Water is always water, whether it’s in a mixture of things, you can’t change it’s behaviour. Also you can’t move from solid to gas, the steps of getting to gas is that you need to make solid into liquid then make Liquid into Gas and that's the way you could only get solid to gas.