Thursday, 27 March 2014

swimming 2014

Have you been swimming at least two weeks from now?
Class 9 walked down to the glen Innes pools. we go there to learn how to swim.
Because new Zealand is surrounded with lots of water. we learn lots of skills one of the skills was hard to do because I could not breath properly.

My favourite activity was the freestyle cause I knew it was my turn so I hoped if I did it better I can be with the others at their level and I can be with them and never give up again.

I feel happy swimming because I have learnt rocket arms and streamlines the first one was streamlines when it was my turn I was struggling so I just went and then my instructor helped me to do better at it.The second one was the rocket arms the rocket arms were a little bit hard when I went on she said that I didn't need help.What I hoped for next time was to keep my breath longer.I need to improve that I can do all of those things better.


  1. Great recount about swimming Lotu. I like how you've reflected on what you need to improve on for next time.

  2. Lotu, it seems like you learned a lot about swimming. I know that some of the skills are hard, but just keep practicing and I am sure that you will be great at swimming. Remember, that everything you learn will get you one step closer to becoming a great swimmer. Great job on your blog post and thank you for sharing. Keep blogging!

  3. Hey Lotu,

    I love how positive you are and how you recognize that it takes hard work to improve, but if you work hard you will succeed! That is a great attitude to have and it will take you far in life. I am from Mobile, Alabama, and we swim a lot here too because it gets quite hot in the summer and we live near the Gulf Coast beaches and bays. Plus, there are swimming pools. I only swim for fun though, not competitively. Good luck with the swimming!
    Here is a link to the EDM510 class blog, and, is my own personal blog. Feel free to visit and comment on our blogs as well! :)


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