Wednesday, 28 October 2015

NZ Native Animals Report

WALT: NZ Native Animals 


Habitat:I am learning the teachings of fantails. Fantails like to live up high in the trees,in between trees.

Diet: Fantails love to eat moths,flies, spiders, wasps, and beetles, although they sometimes also eat fruit.    

Characteristic: How do they behave? Fantails are not shy and is almost never still, also It flits from perch to perch.  

Description:Fantails have greyish heads, white eyebrow, brown back and rump on breast and belly. They also have white and black bands across the upper breast, and a long black a white tail.

There is more information, For Example:

The second things that fantails do is they fly around to disturb insects, flushing them out before eating them. 

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