Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Chair Tiggy

WALT: Write a recount about what we played.

“Pick Me, Pick Me” said the taggers. The game we where playing was chair tiggy. It was tricky.

“There are two teams, runners and taggers”. The runner's job is to run around and through the chairs without getting tagged, the taggers job is to sit on a chair and if the other runner can’t catch them or is tired then the tagger slaps a chair then, he or she that is sitting on the chair tries to catch the runner.

“I was a runner, when we started”. I started off great but then I ran around the chairs then came back around and I ran again and I got caught by Aysha. I was a tagger after that. “I was scared that if a person come to tag my chair I will never notice who to catch or even where to go. When it came to my turn I was really nervous because I wouldn't know when to go.

My favourite part of the game was running because when you run you can feel the cold breeze running thru you and because you can think like it's fitness.

I felt really bored when the game was over and but really pumped when we started.

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