Friday, 23 September 2016

Miss Lavakula

Image result for miss lavakula at pt englandMrs Lavakula was my first teacher I had at Pt England and she's been so amazing. 3 things I could describe Miss Lavakula is beautiful, funny and supportive. You have always been my side ever since I started, in year 3 2012 all the way to year 6. Now look at me i'm a year 7 because I was taught by the most friendly and best teacher ever. Miss Lavakula has been a big impact in my life she was the one who told me that i'm gonna be alright and that I was gonna make heaps of friends. To me I think Miss Lavakula will have a beautiful feature with her family. I give her all my love and faith when I'm out in collage, and I want her to one day look back at all her wonderful memory's. Love YOUR favourite students from 2012.

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