Thursday, 22 September 2016

Term 3 Reflection

I learned that when you come to school you have to take learning serice, because if you don't when you enter collage it will be hard.

We’ve had ups and downs in term 3, but that doesn’t really stop me from doing things I love. This term I participated in Netball and going tech with the year 7’s, we all know that the year 7 jets didn’t come as undefeated but the point about playing was to try our best and to have fun.

One of the funniest moments this term for me was when we were in assembly and Mr Burt was talking to us about “is it kind, is it true, is it necessary” and when he got to “is it necessary” he was poking the middle fingers, and said that he calls it the “fault finger” but to be honest we thought it was for real.

My memories well being with friends is that we would always go on and off but my choices are is should I stay with friends that don’t like me for who I am, or should I be with friends that will send a better example for me.  

One of the unfunniest moments this term is i’ve been mocked many times by my look and the friends I hang with. What's the point of coming to school if your going to be miserable. I come to school and I use my WITS it’s normal but when it comes to middle of the day everything changes. Has that ever happened to you?

This term I have never been on rethink and throughout the 3 terms kura and I have been great leaders to young children. My speech for you is to start learning now because if you start at 14 - 16 it will be hard.

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