Friday, 23 September 2016

Facts about whanganui

I had my first long exhausting trip to whanganui with my sister, mum and dad, on the 17th of September. To be honest I learned a whole lot of facts well going to Whanganui. 1. Whanganui was one of the first cities to be founded in New Zealand. Whanganui, meaning "Big Bay" or "Big Harbour", comes from the great river that flows through it. 2. Whanganui is New Zealand's elders settlers town, it's just a couple of hours from Wellington, Mount Ruapehu and mount Tangriro, or a quick flight from Auckland. Here's a Short film my untie made well in Whanganui. I t was hard to do but got it down with. Please post about where you had your first trip and facts, thanks for reading.

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