Friday, 26 August 2016

Hiwi the kiwi

Image result for hiwi the kiwiMark de Lacy aka (The Minstrel) and his wife Tanya de Lacy (Chrissy) came to Pt England school for a Hiwi the kiwi fishing project. On 25th of august Hiwi the kiwi came and performed the important of fishing like: Why wearing a life jackets is important, he taught us about the SOS, SOS stands for save our seagulls that's one important thing to save. One thing I want to do is yell this out: Family's out there that go fishing 5 important things that you need to take: 1 is a fishing ruler, 2 a wet towel to pick the fish up with and 3 take water mixed with salt. 3 things that your supposed to know about catching or fishing is that when you catch a fish you HAVE to hold it with a wet towel so that you don't hurt any of it's skin. When taking a fish ruler you have to measure the fish so that you don't take a really small one or even a huge one. if you take a bucket of water you have to put salt in it so that you don't kill the fish when you put it straight in. 1 thing I learnt from Hiwi the Kiwi is that when you go fishing you have to take every single fishing types. One thing about Mark is that he is a really good man that goes fishing and is smart to know what to take. His wife Tanya is a good cook and a good dancer. They are a happy and perfect married couple! Here are some videos for you to check out: CLICK HERE

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