Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Guest Speaker

This morning we had a special visitor, who came in for a special talk about our future. His name is Mr Patterson and he works with year 9's achieve their goals and dreams.

One important thing I took away from his presentation, was to be a giver and not a taker. What is a giver? A giver is when you care about others and yourself. Than what is a taker? A taker is when people who just want to keep things for themselves and not for others. 

A experience he shared with us was about, a 11 year old boy and his name is Willie. Willie was just casually walking to school one day and meet a homeless man who was crying. He stopped by the homeless man and gave him his lunch and lunch money for two weeks. After a while the homeless man now has his own job and has his own home. 

Mr Patterson is a inspiration to students, and he helps others achieve their goals and dreams.


  1. Thanks Lotu. I enjoyed reading your blog post...

  2. WOW Lotu,
    Great reflection about your guest speaker come into your school.I really enjoy having you explain what a giver was which was really good for your readers to know information.
    -Great Job Lotu!


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