Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Our support to the flounder catchers

Today at school was different. In the morning we had team 5 assembly then we walked onto the hard courts and sang a song along with our school karakia.

Soon after we walked down to riverside ave and onto the muddy and mushy grass down to Riki Rd. We then sang a waiata  and chanted some support to our Pt England flounder catchers. Such as "Catch some flounders oii" and "Go flounder catchers". I saw 12 Pt Englanders getting ready with there giant net moving towards other tides to where flounders maybe catched. We then sang another waiata that was mean't for blessings and protection also faith that they may be able to catch some flounders for our tank.

Not long after, we had to leave back to school, when we got to school we sat back down in to our team 5 street and was thanked from Mrs Tele'a and the teacher for being a great role model going down and coming back. We than headed into our literacy and sooner than we knew 1 hour was already gone by.
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