Monday, 16 May 2016

Revolution Tour

Revolution Tour was the supreme amusing group I've constantly seen in this year, but there is one man who was the MAN his name is Reggie. There's 2 things I can tell you, he loves music and loves play the tuba. Reggie told us a really sad story about his younger years, it was really sad. Reggie told us one chant and it was so catchy " I Can, You Can, We Can, I GOT YOUR BACK! There were 2 beautiful twins and they sang one call away and other songs too I just don't remember them.

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  1. Hi Lotu,
    I'm so glad you shared about the Revolution Tour. I'm sad we didn't get to see them this year but I remember watching them last year. Reggie Dabbs is such a cool speaker aye. Were there any people that performed apart from Reggie and the twins?

    Love Miss Lavakula


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