Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Immersion Assembly

WALT: Unpack/ brainstorm key features and points of a performance or assembly presentation:  

 Immersion Assembly

P1. It was another pleasing term at Pt England school, all the hard working students came back to school with a dilatory and boisterous act, but they got the hang of it. At 9.00 Pt England school had a immersion assembly. A immersion assembly is about coming together at the beginning of the  term and letting the teachers display their part of what they will be learning this whole term. Team 1’s theme was: their favourites, team 2 was: season and team 3 was art tection, team 4 was: superhero comics and team 5 was: best waka.

P2. My cherished team was team 4 because, they made a movie of themselves being superhero's but instead of superhero's they thought to go with supervengers because they ain't really superhero's their like super teachers. The team 4 teachers were Miss Lavakula, Mr Somerville, Miss west including Miss Moala, Mr Bax and Mr Goodwin.  

P3. Team 1’s theme was about what their favourite things.
Team 2’s theme was what season they want to have as a living habit and what season makes them jubilant and memorable. Team 3’s theme was art tection, they wanted to know what they could get out of making art. Team 4’s theme was superhero comics. Team 4 wanted to read all about superhero comics and to learn about comics. Team 5’s theme was about the best waka. Team 5 wanted to learn about what the 4 waka’s meant. WAKA’S: Hikianalia, Te Aurere, Hokulea, Hinemoana.

P4. After immersion assembly all the classes went back to their rooms and did a writing recount about what they thought about the immersion assembly, and also what they think they learned from the assembly and what the topic it is and what it meant to them.

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