Wednesday, 2 March 2016

2nd Narrative

WALT: Write a fake story  on a used sentences: As I looked behind me, something began to move.  

      A story about

As I looked behind me, something began to move. When I turned it was gone, I saw it again I looked and it was a little girl. I ask her where she was going she said that she was lost. She told me her name was “Rosemary Stan”. I told her my name was “Isabella”. We were talking for a while, until she stood up and said that her mother “took her camping, It was time to go sleep but when she fell asleep her mum left. It was 7.00 in the morning she woke up and went to wake up her mum but when she went, she saw that her mother wasn’t there”. So she thought that she had to run and get help but the only person she saw was me. I felt sorry for her so I took her home with me and raised her as my own daughter, then after 2 weeks Rosemary got into school. She did really well in school.  Well growing up, Rosemary got pulled out of her class to see a visitor when she saw her visitor she said to herself that she knew who her visitor name was “Christina Stan”. Rosemary’s REAL mother she was surprised and stood there crying everyone saw it, and felt sorry for her. When Isabella arrived to school she stepped into Rosemary’s class Bella asked the teacher where rosemary was and the teacher said that she was gone to the office to see a visitor, so  bella went to the office and saw that Rosemary crying. That was when everyone realised Rosemary found her mother.

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