Friday, 20 March 2015

Year 5 and 6 camp 2015

WALT: write paragraphs about one thing and using great ideas.

Have you been to a school CAMP before?
The years 5 and 6’s went to the 2015 CAMP we were so excited. Our groups names were: The all stars, The matapono e, The commitments, The real deals, True crew and the Honest squad. I was in the Commitments and our leaders were Judah and Talita and our camp teacher was Mr Somerville he was the best ever. We had tent’s put up and in my tent was: Daniella and Aliyah. We were the best tent group sleepers, together.

The first thing we did was camp cooking. The boys went and did camp cooking outside on the field While; we were cooking biscuits, (Anzac biscuits)  for afternoon tea. When we were finished Mrs Garden put the Anzac biscuits inside the oven to. When it was ready, it smelled so delicious that it made Mr Somerville hungry. But camp cooking is all about teamwork and helping others to work as a team.

The second thing that we did was the Amazing race. The Amazing race was about teamwork, in my group was Russell, Andrew, Lethen and Daniella. “They were the best working team in amazing race.” There were five tasks we needed to complete. One was to paint one of your buddy's face; and make the word H-O-N-E-S-T.; We needed to throw balls in hula hoops and to take a photo with all the balls in the bucket.

The third thing that we did was kayaking with Mr Burt. The current forced our kayaks out into the water. As we got into our kayaks, Miss Garden reminded us about “foot bum foot”. This is a rule of how to get into the kayak. The best thing about kayaking was going on with my favorite friend: DANIELLA.

The best part in camp was the concert and Mangere Pools. On the last day of camp all the campers went to Mangere Pools. “It was heaps of fun and amazing.” We all loved it, there was a bombing pool, a sliding pool, a spring pool and a normal PLAY pool. It was nearly everybody elses favorite part about camp too.

Next time on camp I want to be able to have MORE fun and to be with my best buddy’s again in the same team and same tent. Without them I would have been bored I love sleeping with my best buddy’s. The best activity for me was: camp cooking, the concert and the BEST was the Mangere Pools. “It was boring when camp ended”. I LOVE CAMP!

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