Tuesday, 31 March 2015

School picnic

WALT:  Recount our experiences of our time at the School Picnic.

 What is favorite thing in your school picnic? Our whole school went to the school picnic, At the Point England reserve on friday we went because it was an annual event, school hang out.

My favorite part in the school picnic was swimming and bombing, Because swimming is just like taining how to swim when you're Jawning,”HA”  just like me it was a little bit deep for me. Bombing is cool because that was my last time, I don’t like swimming in the seawater because of the creators they scare me.

My least favorite part of of the picnic was play with clay and hanging out with my friends. Playing with clay making it into a heart it was a gift to my mother and father for being the best.Hanging out with my friends were just a little bit fun because we played handball and walking around the beach talking about how fun it was at camp.

Next year I want to play some sports like volleyball and soccer. The very best and boring part was swimming and bombing in sea water.
Listening to people sing songs like: uptown funk by bruno mars, roar by katy perry, more other songs to. I LOVED THE SCHOOL PICNIC.

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