Monday, 15 December 2014

Ambassador Application

Malo e lelei my name is Lotu and I would love to be an ambassador. I have one sister and three brothers. I want to be an ambassador so I can travel around the world and learn different things. The thing that I love doing is speaking in front of visitors and I want to show Mrs Burt that I can be the best person that can be chosen for the job.

Learning at Pt England has been a great way to know new things around the world. Learning here at Pt England helps me to learn things that I haven’t learned about and have been told about. What I’ve done to show my learning is that I created a painting that is called bridge over water lily. What I learned about the bridge over water Lily is that it is from a artist called Claude Monet. Claude Monet was born in France . He was a painter from the Impressionist era.

Here is a link about what I’ve learned about LEARN, CREATE, SHARE.  

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