Thursday, 7 December 2017

End of year reflection


This year as a student of PES, I am proud of the success of things I have conquered, like facing challenges that brought me to my doom (dramatic).

There are many things I will take with me next year, like the keroro's we have had during my time at PES. My personal favorite korero is right place, right time, right attitude. It basically means when you are caught in the wrong place at  the wrong time you have to at least have the right attitude like being respectful.

Three things I hope I do differently next year is firstly finishing off my work when it's scheduled to. Secondly carrying the right attitude every where and not changing. Thirdly hanging around the right people. You can’t hang out with negative people and expect to live a positive life Seek right people to lead yourself in the right path.

Big thanks to the teachers who teached me throughout the years i’ve been there. You guys are so awesome.
Some advice for the year 7’s soon to be year 8’s, if you want to survive and have fun next year don’t play with Mrs Tele’a.

Advice .1. Don’t spend a lot of time out of class.
Advice .2. Surround yourself with people who will accept you for yourself and for nothing else.
Advice .3. Always keep your head down in class and finish your work when it's scheduled to.
Advice .4. Be relentless, Work hard, stay calm, be kind and remain humble.
Advice .5. Know when to muck around and when not to muck around.

Some advice for my friends next year:

  1. Image result for be the best you can quoteDon’t change who you are, and don’t be weird when going up to college.
  2. Take every opportunity that hits you because not everybody gets it.
  3. Take the chances you have and use it in the right time at the right place using the right attitude.

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