Monday, 1 May 2017

Going fishing in the holiday.

It's been 7 years ever since i went fishing. Reason being is because every time my papa and his friends come back home they would come with a bleeding finger, ripped shirt or they would come fully wet, so I was just thought to myself "I'm not going no more". When I was four years old I went fishing but I would always just sleep and eat, and that was 1 way I could get sea sick so I decided to stop going fishing. I really never thought of stopping for a pretty long time.

In the holidays my papa asked me if I wanted to go fishing, it was just me, my brothers and my nana and papa. I went and the funny thing is, is that I didn't think my papa would drive fast but when he did, I thought I was holding tight to the rail but I flicked off into the sea water right after he went through the low medium and high limits. So that time I never fished.  

The next time I went fish I was more confident that I was going to fish, I didn't use the fishing rode I used the fishing line its when you bring it up with your hands. As I put the fishing line in after 3 minutes or so, I felt something tug on it as I pulled it up my brother caught a big kawai, and I pulled up a big snapper and saved it on my memory camera. I think I am going to be going fishing more often.

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