Monday, 30 January 2017

Mexico 2

By my own words, in your mind you see mexico as just another world. If you go visit mexico you really see that it is a world of traditional minds, costumes, different languages, designs and items they have in there shops. One fact I've heard a lot about Mexico is, has one of the most difficult roads to drive. I want to know, what is 1 fact about your favourite country.

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  1. Hi Lotu,

    It's great to see you blogging again. Welcome back to the Summer Learning Journey! I have also heard that it can be pretty dangerous to drive on the roads in Mexico. I've never been there but I would love to go one day! I would particularly like to visit the site of the Mayan ruins (an ancient tribe of people who lived in Mexico thousands of years ago). Have you ever heard of the Mayans?

    I hope that you are able to get to Mexico one day to see all of the beautiful villages, traditional outfits and ancient ruins.

    I'll look forward to seeing you very soon. I'm coming into Pt England to hand out certificates and prizes early in Term 1 :)

    See you in a few weeks!


    P.S. One of my favourite countries is Italy. I just love the food and the architecture. My favourite city in Italy is Venice. Did you know that it was built all the way back in 400 AD? It is a city that is made up of 118 islands and most people get around by boat because the roads are almost entirely waterways (or canals). Cool 'eh?!


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