Thursday, 23 June 2016

Papermache Boat

WALT: Make a waka out of papermache.

Our first step to making a waka out of papermache.
I have not finished yet but this is just a the steps to making the papermache paper.

1. cut it out on the dotted line – the solid lines are for scoring -  there are little triangles on one end  – you can fold those back to trace the line onto your cardboard and poke your pencil through the tip of the V on the pattern to mark your cardboard.

2. Use a ruler to draw the lines as shown on the pattern. I’ve highlighted the lines to score in red. Use the BACK of your exact knife to score the lines in red and then gently bend the boat into shape.

3. Bring the edges together and secure with lots of scotch tape – they shouldn’t overlap but just meet and last tape the front tips together. 

4. Trim any  excess  so the back edge is smooth and now you should have a little boat shape. Cut a strip of cardboard that’s about 1 ” by 3″.

5. Bend that strip into a little triangle shape that fits inside your boat and tape it in , just a little closer to the front (bow ) than the back (stern), this will hold your mast. You’re ready to paper mache – I recommend 2 layers using different papers – so you can see when a layer is complete. You don’t have to let the boat dry between layers but I like to. I start with the inside of the boat closing up the little triangle space – you don’t have to fill it – just close it up.

6. Notes on paper mache – I find it easiest to do the edges first and  the smaller the pieces of paper the smoother and stronger the finished result.   I use golden harvest wheat paste. Add your second layer of paper, let it dry completely then paint it. I used a mixture of latex and water colour.

Here is my waka I made. FROM DIFFERENT ANGLES.


  1. Hi there Lotu,

    I really liked the way that you explained about how you managed to create a Boat by using Paper Mache. I also really like the way that you added in some instructions about how you made your Boat look really amazing and how you added details about the boat.

    I really look forward to your next great Blog Post.

    Keep up the great work Lotu.

    From Roimata Ru.


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