Monday, 18 May 2015

The Chocolate Game

WALT: Recount about our experience of the chocolate game.  

Do you know how to play the chocolate game?

Well I will tell you all about the game. So today my literacy class played a game called the chocolate game it was really funny, I couldn't stop laughing.

Our class was in a large circle then in the middle of the circle was 2 clothing and 4 items. “You have to have one dice and you can only roll number 6 but if you don’t then you just pass it on to the next person”. If they get the number 6, then you have to put on 6 items and try cut a piece of chocolate with a fork and knife and you can’t cheat by pressing down. When you cut it,you they get to eat it.

When we started my heart was beating. I felt scared and shy but when I saw them rolling the dice. I haven’t played this game before but i had I was so stupid. When I rolled number 6, I ran up and put on the black hat then the rabbit  glasses and the black jacket then I counted 1, 2, 3 three more then I could finally eat one block of chocolate, 6 they yelled “ Oh man I wanted to shove all of the delicious chocolate in my mouth” But I had to take off all the clothing and go sit back down in the large circle.

While we were playing the game it was extremely loud. There was a lot of encouragement that helped people Some people couldn't but giggle. That was until their gums were sore. It was really funny till the game was finished.

“When the game finished, I felt tired because I was laughing and laughing teeth got tired and my gum was hurting. Next time I would want to stop laughing because after enjoying the game I felt hot and confused.”

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