Friday, 16 May 2014

Floating and sinking

Do you know why objects float and why some objects sink? I am going to explain three reasons why some object float while others sink.
Here is some reasons why objects float.My reason why some objects float up on surface because some objects have air and some objects don’t have air.

Displacement is when  water goes through the side of the object. shape of an object that has been placed in the water will be up on the surface and will not go down.

I am going to explain three reasons why object sink.

Sinking means if a object is placed on the surface and when it goes down to the bottom.My second reason about sinking is when an object has been put on the water and that object that has been put the water when it sinks the water comes up to the surface.When an object has been placed in the water the object will sink to the bottom of the surface.

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